ATM Damage Maintenance and Fraud Prevention.

ATM Card Feeder and Stainless Fascia plate

The Problem: Damage, wear and tear, and / or card feeders
being tampered with

The paint around the keypad is attacked by the acid from sweaty hands, the weather and spillages and also spoilt by damage caused by cigarette burns, graffiti etc. Apart from the obvious problem caused cosmetically, there are also very real hygeine concerns - germs from physical contact when using the machines.

Damage, wear and tear

The Solution: The new, protective, easy clean stainless fascia plate and
anti tamper card feeder:

The plate is applied after the facia has been thoroughly de contaminated and any minor repairs have been carried out.
Once fitted the laminate is extremely easy to clean, highly resistant to mechanical damage and graffiti can be removed instantly with a solvent pack supplied.

Stainless fascia plate being fitted
Stainless fascia plate fitted
ATM spraying
Card Feeder